Tiffany charm bracelet Engraving

Charm factory is known for their fantastic jewelry, including my favorite piece of jewelry, my charm bracelet. They are expanding their product line for those of you who like to create their own jewelry. They now have customizable engraved jewelry tags.
I am no professional jewelry maker. I mostly dabble with beaded jewelry and enjoy trying out new designs and tools to make my own jewelry. I love making necklaces and bracelets for my friends and family. Charm Factory sent me 25 of my own jewelry tags.
From their site, it is customizable so you can choose the size/design (I chose the Engraved Silver Heart Tags 9.2mm x 10.5mm), font (I chose the Parisian. It gives you the option to put your own text at the top and all options will display in your text. That will help you decide which to choose.) and what you'd like written on it (I have "Tiff's Pixie Dust" on mine) There are so many different choices you can make to truly make your tags special just for you. They were sent in a small ziploc baggy with a polishing cloth included.
I love how mine turned out. They are absolutely adorable and I am getting so many more ideas on what I'd like to create with them. I may even make some bracelets or necklaces and give them away on my blog with the Tiff's Pixie Dust tag on it. I made up a couple quick bracelets with some simple childlike beads for my daughter so you can see how they'd look on an actual bracelet. They were made with a stretch string but I they will look even better with a chain based bracelet or necklace.
I adore Charm Factory already and now this is another fantastic product that they offer. I am happy to share with my readers and encourage you to check them out. If you make your own jewelry, this is a must have. My daughter is becoming more and more interested in making her own and she wants some that say "Made by Kali" on them.

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Charm Factory did provide me with this product for review purposes and no other compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own. Thank you Charm Factory!

I've done this several times

2006-10-16 22:42:55 by jwuco

I jumped in the pool with my tiffany necklace, earrings, and bracelet on. they all turned black. silver tarnishes when it comes in contact with sulfur.
what i do is:
- line a bowl or pan with aluminum foil
- place jewelry on the aluminum. make sure it touches the aluminum.
- boil some water. when it comes to a boil, add baking soda.
- pour the liquid in the pan, over the jewelry.
- let it do it's magic
- you may have to reheat the water baking soda solution depending on how tarnished your necklace is.
this works like a charm every time. i periodically brighten all my tiffany jewelry with this method

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