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To celebrate the first anniversary of when I met my wife (for the second time — there’s a story there), I presented her with a silver charm bracelet from a quaint little jeweler I found in New York called Tiffany. We were already engaged to be married and we knew we wanted to have a large family, certainly as many children as God would send our way. My mom has a beautiful gold charm bracelet that features one charm for each of her sixteen children (fifteen charms since my twin sister and I share one plus one for their wedding date). Of all the jewelry my mother owns I have always admired this piece and my hope was that, if my wife didn’t hate it, we could make a similar tradition out of this piece.

We got married and I, of little means just starting out as a teacher, put off getting the wedding charm. Nine months later our son was born and I added a blue lollipop. Then I went back and bought a charm in the shape of the trademarked Tiffany & Co. blue box. This one, I thought, was suitable as a belated wedding charm. It represented the fact that her engagement ring and this bracelet had come from the legendary shop. Unfortunately, on a business trip to Toronto, the charm was lost. You see, Tiffany had just started making charms that could be clipped onto the bracelet (as opposed to being soldered on) and somehow this charm had come undone while my wife was in a meeting and was lost for good. A few months later our daughter was born and I added a pink cupcake. At that time I replaced the wedding charm with a charm shaped like a lock with the letter “H” (for Harvey, or “ha”) carved out of the middle. This time I was smart and sent the whole bracelet out to be soldered.

As time went by we moved to Texas and as yet have not been blessed with any new children. But God has His plans and we soldier on.

For our fifth wedding anniversary I went on a mission, searching for gifts made of wood. Believe it or not, that’s the traditional anniversary gift for five. Well, I think I’m a pretty classy guy; and wood’s kind of cheap. So I compromised. Why should not having had another baby be an impediment to adding charms, I thought? The cross is the symbol of our faith and they’re usually made of wood. So I gave her a silver cross charm. Again, we made the trip to Tiffany and sent the whole thing out to be soldered. For the record, that is now twice this bracelet has made its way to Jackson Heights in Queens, NY — home of Tiffany’s jewelry design studios. I wonder who gets the miles for all of that…

I'm interested

2006-06-28 14:42:38 by mejustme

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