Sterling Silver Girls Charm Bracelets

A popular way that girls express themselves is through their clothing and accessories. Charm bracelets are stylish, and there is almost an unlimited amount of charms from which to choose. Despite whether a girl's interest lies in sports, music, drama, or the arts, there is sure to be a charm that fits. Charms come in different materials, such as sterling silver or gold. Some metal charms have acrylic accents painted on them to make them stand out. There are also elegant charms made from precious gems, such as diamonds or pearls, and sparkly ones made from rhinestones.

Sports are not just for boys, and even the traditional "guys only" sports activities have opened up to girls. It is natural for girls who are interested in sports to want to display their passion. Instead of wearing a jersey or other piece of clothing, charms with a sports theme are another option. There are multitudes of popular sports, all of which have a great selection of charms. Two of the most populous categories are field sports and water sports.
Field Sports
Field sports include those such as football, soccer, and field hockey. If she is a huge football fan, a charm with that team's logo is a perfect addition to her charm bracelet. Perhaps she plays hockey. If so, hockey sticks or a net make great choices.
Water Sports
Swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, and water polo all fall under the category of water sports. Charms that represent water sports include a diving board, swim goggles, or swim fins. Even a beach towel or floatation device charm would work well.

The phrase "the arts" encompasses a wide range of activities. A large assortment of charms is available for girls who are interested in the arts. The first thing to do is narrow the choices down by genre.



Visual Arts

Paintbrush and palette


Auditory Arts

Musical instruments, such as piano, flute, or violin

Musical notes

Radio or record player

Performance Arts

Comedy and tragedy masks

Ballet slipper

Tap shoe

The arts category is so vast that, at times, the choices can be overwhelming. Taking time to research the different subtopics of the genre helps make the choice easier.

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