Link Silver Charm Bracelet

Recently I have been given the amazing opportunity to design silver jewelry links and silver charms alongside Leah and Nina. This is an exciting chance for me to exercise my creative vision in a new way. I’ve been focused on simple geometric shapes that jewelry designers can incorporate in infinite ways, like our existing line of marquis jewelry links. I really like to come up with new shapes, combination of shapes and geometric patterns to use in jewelry design. Once I started thinking about it, I got inspired by shapes everywhere. I have filled an entire sketch book with drawings of shapes. I really enjoy drawing geometric shapes inside of other geometric shapes and playing with positive and negative space. It is like putting together a puzzle in my mind.

My first design is this art deco component. My idea behind this design is to use the the holes as a decorative element that could also be utilized in jewelry construction. I feel that the design is strong enough to stand alone and also has the potential to be all dressed up in gemstones and dangles. It lends itself to be a great pair of earrings, but can be an excellent pendant as well.

I'm interested

2006-06-28 14:42:38 by mejustme

This idea is great! There is lots and lots of places and companies that make business without inventory. But they do charge for advertising and also charge a high percentage when an item is sold. Seriously, this is a great idea.
Can you give me more information about the percentage that you charge and so on.
I make my own sterling silver jewelry (charms, earrings, bracelets and necklaces). All of my jewelry is wire wrapped and made with semi-precious stones. So, please e-mail me at with the information that you need from me.

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