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B01208R-C01 Mother's Charm Bracelet Pic 4This is the first celebratory product post at the new Jewelry.Boutique and there’s no better way to start off our J.B website than to feature a quality Mother’s Day White Gold Charm Bracelet, the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Many people are wondering this time of year, “where can I buy a beautiful Mother’s Day white gold charm bracelet?” And the echo response you here: “Why at the Jewelry.Boutique of course.”

Charm Bracelets make some of the most personal and versatile gifts you can give anybody and you’re mother deserves the best for all the things she has done in your life.

The appeal of charm bracelets are simple. Charm bracelets flaunt your personality and uniqueness with various interchangeable charms that adorn your bracelet. These charms describe the essence of who you are and what you find most dear in life. Your hobbies, memories, dreams, hopes, and love.

B01208R-C01-2-lg Mother's Charm Bracelet Pic 2A charm bracelet is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day and this featured bracelet doesn’t disappoint. The Mother’s Day white gold charm bracelet features a pattern of beautiful hearts interwoven around the MOM word. Some hearts are filled with the vibrant Cubic Zirconia to give it that needed sparkle; the sparkle in your mom’s heart.

This Mother’s Day white gold charm bracelet can be be worn with without any charms and still make for a great accessory. However, adding a few charms that poignantly describe your mother in the mix will surely bring that eternal nurturing smile out of her.

I’ve seen countless Mother’s Day charms and designs. In fact, the Mother’s Day theme lends itself to some of the most loving and memorable pieces of charm.B01208R-C01-1-lg Mother's Charm Bracelet Pic 1 Here are just a few charm ideas that might find their way on to your Mother’s Day charm bracelet:

  • Pitter Patter of Little Feet Charm
  • The Universal Mom (Word)
  • The Universal Mother (Different Designs)
  • Happy Mother’s Day
  • Mother and Baby Charm (Image)
  • Mother and Child (Image)
  • Baby
  • Mom and Daughter (Words)
  • Mom and Son (Words)
  • Caring
  • Friend
  • Love
  • Best Mom
  • I Love You
  • Family

As you can see there are plenty of charms to add on to a bracelet like with words describing mom’s personality and her personal favorites in life.

The bracelet sells for $35.00, plus shipping. If you are interested in this bracelet please click on the email listed below for now and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. This site will have a shopping cart integrated soon but for now if you’d like the bracelet the transaction can be processed through an established paypal account.

I'm interested

2006-06-28 14:42:38 by mejustme

This idea is great! There is lots and lots of places and companies that make business without inventory. But they do charge for advertising and also charge a high percentage when an item is sold. Seriously, this is a great idea.
Can you give me more information about the percentage that you charge and so on.
I make my own sterling silver jewelry (charms, earrings, bracelets and necklaces). All of my jewelry is wire wrapped and made with semi-precious stones. So, please e-mail me at with the information that you need from me.

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