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A Guide to Movable and Mechanical Sterling Silver and Gold Charms

We often think of Mechanical Charms, those adorable little trinkets that move or open as jewelry for the truly impatient. After all, why should we wear ordinary gold or silver charms on our bracelet when we can collect those that perform and entertain?

Mechanical Charms have been popular at least as far back as the Victorian era, when they were frequently made in the form of baskets that opened to reveal tiny surprises such as pigs or kittens, or houses that opened to reveal the residents. While "openers" such as these are the most common form of movable charms, many collectors prize "movers", charms that rely upon springs, chains and levers for movement. And a premium is usually paid for charms that have multiple movements.

One popular category of European Victorian era charms celebrated the popular puppet shows of Punch and Judy and their predecessor the commedia dell'arte.

This wonderful antique mechanical charm, made circa 1870, is one of these:

This Monkey not only rides a Pig, he raises his arms and drops the ball on the pigs head, all while his head turns and his legs fly up and down!

The fascination with tiny moving charms did not end with the Victorians, however. The tradition has continued through the decades, with wonderful little household items in precious metal miniature found in vintage charms from the Thirties, Forties, Fifties and Sixties.

This darling Alarm Clock made in the World War II era has hands that can be set, the Weather House from the same time has people that move in and out, and the Fan has blades that spin:

While this Go-Go Dancer from the Sixties actually dances in her cage:

If you like new charms, or enjoy adding new artisan charms to your vintage collection, there is a renaissance of sorts occurring among today's charm artists who are creating delightful mechanical charms. Some of these are adaptations of earlier charms, while some are brand new whimsies.

This Movable Safe Love Charm and Mechanical Kitchen Mixer with Bowl that Spins are two of our favorite Contemporary Mechanical Charms:

Looking for charm bracelet store in West LA

2009-10-13 16:59:41 by Kunochan

I need to find a physical storefront in West Los Angeles / Santa Monica with a large selection of silver charm bracelets and charms. There are several web sites, but I want to see what I'm buying in person, rather than through low res photos online.
I would have posted in Gifts, but it doesn't seem like many people use that forum.
Thanks for your help!

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