Bracelet Charms Sterling Silver

Apples of Gold is proud to introduce our latest collection of jewelry – beautiful sterling silver beads. Our new collection is perfect for jewelry-making enthusiasts and creative crafters. All of the beads are finely made from high quality sterling silver, and are a stylish yet affordable way to create custom jewelry.

Within the silver bead collection, there are a few different types of beads as well. We carry a wide range of unique charm beads that are full of personality, pretty sterling silver initials in two fonts, spacer beads, intricately carved silver beads and simple beads. For the naturally crafty jewelry aficionado, our sterling silver beads make a wonderful present. They can either be strung together on a necklace chain, on a length of feminine ribbon, or used to make a personalized silver bead bracelet.

Though these personalized silver bead necklaces and bracelets are great for all occasions, the saying goes that it is better to give than to receive. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite unique ways to gift them:

Bridesmaid Gift:

Order the sterling silver bead initials for your bridesmaids to create a custom piece of jewelry they will treasure. Add a charm or two that reminds you of their personality to customize it even further.

Mother’s Day Gift:

Pitch in with your brothers and sisters to create a lovely custom silver bead bracelet for mom. Either use the silver initials for each child’s first name, or buy the silver birthstone beads for a more abstract, colorful look. Splurge by integrating both into the piece of jewelry you create; alternate a silver initial with a birthstone bead for a full, rich look that mom will love.

Milestone Birthday Gift:

Since we also carry silver number beads, you can mark a milestone birthday with a bracelet. But don’t stop with just the number – fill the bracelet with sterling silver charms that remind you of special memories you have shared, as well as her birthstone bead or favorite gemstone bead. Then, write out the meaning or cherished memories behind each silver and gemstone bead on the bracelet so she will always know the special story behind each of your picks. This extra little step makes a custom bracelet that much more meaningful of a present.

Buffing Sterling Silver--Monograms

2008-03-16 14:43:26 by Now_I_Know

I was wondering if there's a buffing attachment strong enough to buff out the engraving, so I wouldn't have to use the grinding tips.
My Dremel is new--got it for Christmas--and it's the cordless portable version. I have all kinds of bits that came with it, plus an extra accessory kit, but I'm still learning "what's for what".
For instance, I only have one drill bit and when I drilled through some pennies to try it out, it left a larger hole than I want to use to make holes to attach things to bracelets or other jewelry pieces I'm making. So I'll be looking for and getting a smaller drill bit

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