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The season of love has arrived and the countdown to Valentine's Day has begun!

PANDORA has once again released a collection full of hearts, charms that sparkle or reveal messages as well as red and pink colors that will capture Valentine's Day 2014 forever.
The Valentine's Day collection reveals 11 new charms, a locket, stud earrings, and four rings.

Two entwined hearts dangle, one sparkles with cubic zirconia and the other in sleek sterling silver. As a PANDORA store exclusive, you will only find this charm in branded PANDORA stores, not in shop-in-shops or jewelry stores that carry a multitude of product lines. Retail $50 Item number: 791242CZ

The next pair of PANDORA Valentine charms open to reveal something inside. They are crafted in a way that opens and closes with a little snap so there is less risk of damage while wearing.

Gift From The Heart charm features an engagement ring of cubic zirconia and gold inside the sterling silver hinged jewelry box decorated with a heart boarder on top and bottom. Retail $65 Item number: 791247CZ
The Love Note charm features a dangling Valentine that opens inscribed "Happy Valentine's Day" and a cupid's arrow and heart on the outside and "To My Dear Valentine, Will You Be Mine" on the inside. Intricate roses of sterling silver wrap around the charm. Retail Item Number: 791246
The next three charms feature the salmon cubic zirconia(CZS). It's a little deeper than the light pink cubic zirconia (PCZ) found in other PANDORA charms.
displays dangling bright and bold letters and symbols of L, (heart), V, and E featuring a salmon cubic zirconia in the heart. Retail $45 Item number: 791253CZS
- Salmon cubic zirconia hearts staggered among a sea of clear, pave-set CZ's on a sterling silver charm. Will look great in combination with other pave lights charms. Retail $70 Item number: 791249CZS

Love All Around charm features openwork sterling silver hearts filled with pink colored cubic zirconia. Get two of these charms and the earring barrels and hoops from the Compose collection to make a bright pair of lovable earrings.

Mine are simple

2009-03-25 06:47:43 by you_there

Rant : my pubic bone feels like its hanging on by a thread.
Rave : my 1 year wedding anni is this Sunday, and Dh got me a Pandora Charm bracelet with a couple meaningful charms. I am not sure who the poster here was that mentioned this beautiful bracelet, but I suggested it to my DH and he thought it was the perfect gift. He was so excited about it he gave it to me early :-)

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