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Happy February from Pandora Bath!

With the mornings getting brighter and the evenings getting shorter what isn’t there to love about February- especially with the excitement of love and romance that floats around Valentine’s Day.

The official birthstone for February is the gorgeous purple semi-precious stone Amethyst, the stone of St. Valentine and faithful love.

Throughout the ages, Amethyst has been well known for its stunning beauty and (some say) legendary powers to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions. To many it was known as the gem of fire and at times in history, it was said to be worth as much as a Diamond.

RingPurple is a very popular theme with our customer’s bracelets, so jewellery featuring an Amethyst will continue to be a favourite with both staff and customers alike.

Here’s a look at some of our favourite Pandora Amethyst designs…

Pandora Amethyst Birthstone Charm 790580AM, £45
A thoughtful present to give for a birthday this month

Pandora Amethyst Birthstone Ring, 190854AM, £40
Purple is a very diverse colour that will suit any style and the February birthstone ring is great to mix and match and add a pop of colour to your ring stack.


Pandora Amethyst Earrings 290543AM, £45
Team a charm or ring with the matching Pandora birthstone earrings for a sweet Amethyst set.

Pandora Essence Amethyst Faith Charm (
796006SAM), £35.00
Keep believing that what is in your heart is true and awaiting you in the future”

For those of you who have started your Essence collection why not have a look at the beautiful Faith Charm. Traditionally closely linked to faith, the royal purple colour of man-made amethyst, highlighted on a polished surface, is a feminine fashion statement.

Mine are simple

2009-03-25 06:47:43 by you_there

Rant : my pubic bone feels like its hanging on by a thread.
Rave : my 1 year wedding anni is this Sunday, and Dh got me a Pandora Charm bracelet with a couple meaningful charms. I am not sure who the poster here was that mentioned this beautiful bracelet, but I suggested it to my DH and he thought it was the perfect gift. He was so excited about it he gave it to me early :-)

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Chuvora Sterling Silver Football Soccer Bead Charm Fits Pandora Bracelet
Jewelry (Chuvora)
  • Height: 9.4 mm, Width: 8.4 mm
  • Hole size is approximately 4.8 to 5mm.
  • Chuvora beads are compatible with Pandora and other styles of European bracelets. These beads fit but do NOT represent any of these major brands.
  • Each jewelry piece is individually handmade. Therefore slight variations may occur between the item you receive and the item shown in the picture.
  • Pictured chain is not included.

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