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~ How to select the best length Pandora bracelet & charms to fit ~

For those who are unfamiliar with the Pandora bracelet system, its a gorgeous and modern version of a charm bracelet. But instead of hanging, the charms & beads are drilled with a centre hole which screw or slide onto a (approx) 4mm fine sterling silver or 14k gold snake-chain bracelet. The bracelet is divided into 3 segments, by 2 thicker threads and locks together by either a lobster claw or the Pandora stamped bead clasp
The beads can be left to spin & slide or be pushed tight together together by the use of clips. Fantastic in its simplicity but offers a huge variety of styles, colours, themes & gemstones so you can individualise your bracelet to match your clothes, the occasion, your memories and your budget.

So, ready to start? ~ Whether you initially choose a snug or very loose fitting bracelet, keep in mind if you intend to wear just a couple of beads/charms or eventually fill the bracelet completely, and what size charms; small silver and/or large Murano glass ~ the more charms, the tighter it becomes.

Using a fabric tape measure or even string (to later measure against a ruler) comfortably measure around the widest section of your wrist that you intend to wear the bracelet on. Or if buying a bracelet as a surprise gift for a loved one - try measuring the inside of their wristwatch. Then to that length, add approximately 25-40 mm (1" - 1.5") more for the ideal bracelet size.

The Pandora bracelets shown below have been photographed on my 16cm wrist. If your wrist is 17cm then you know the 20cm length bracelet will be as close fitting on your wrist as the19cm bracelet is on mine. I however wear a Pandora 23cm bracelet, as its sits above my watch, and like to be a able to roll it off over my hand.
But do keep in mind if buying for a teenage girl, that even if her wrist is 16 or 17cm, her hand will usually be smaller than that of a woman over 25, and I've found 7" /18cm bracelets with small sized charms offer a nice fit without falling off her hand.

Some retailers warn buyers that the bracelets often stretch so choose a smaller, rather than larger size. However, a genuine Pandora bracelet if looked after well, shouldn't stretch. I've been wearing my 23cm length bracelets for over 2 years, full of beads, and they still exactly 23cm long.

As the Pandora chains are fairly tight & strongly made, if stretching occurs it is usually due to
. wearing a too tight a bracelet for your wrist size & number of charms
. constantly pulling hard on the end of the bracelet to do the clasp up
. if charms are a tight fit, some women will pull on the chain and charm hard in opposite directions
. forcing the bracelet over the hand to take it off, rather than undoing the clasp (beware of friends & daughters wanting to try your bracelet on & doing this!)

Pandora Bracelets displayed on 16cm wrist ~
(if your wrist is 17cm then a 20cm bracelet would have the same fit as the 19cm on mine)

19cm / 7.5"

Mine are simple

2009-03-25 06:47:43 by you_there

Rant : my pubic bone feels like its hanging on by a thread.
Rave : my 1 year wedding anni is this Sunday, and Dh got me a Pandora Charm bracelet with a couple meaningful charms. I am not sure who the poster here was that mentioned this beautiful bracelet, but I suggested it to my DH and he thought it was the perfect gift. He was so excited about it he gave it to me early :-)

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