Chamilia charm Bracelets VS Pandora

pandoraTwo of the most popular brands are Pandora and Chamilia; there are so many similarities between the two that it’s not so easy to spot their differences, however, it is their differences which make them unique and you should definitely know about them if you’re considering purchasing one.

Chamilia used to be much cheaper than Pandora however, now this isn’t necessarily the case and there may only be £5-£10 difference in the price of the bracelet. The Chamilia beads are a little different to Pandora too and if you were going to make the argument you would say that they are more suitable to the younger generations because of their cute and glitzy bead ranges like the Disney characters. Each of the charms and the bracelets are handcrafted and just like the Pandora range they are available in a choice of materials in a variety of styles.

Pandora was the first to be introduced to the market and is seen as the more sophisticated and classy of the two brands. Just like Chamilia bracelets the Pandora bracelets are available in sterling silver, gold or even leather – in a variety of colours. With each bracelet you have a choice of clasp to including a traditional lobster clasp – which can be seen on most jewellery items – or the special Pandora snap clasp which looks just like a bead and has ‘Pandora’ written around it.

Pandora charm braceletIt’s the thought that counts when it comes to charm bracelets and charms because a lot of thought has to go in to choosing the right charm for that special person. The age and personality of the person that you’re buying for should educate your choice as Pandora bracelets are traditional and make underlying statements, whereas Chamilia are new and trendy and the charms are a little more obvious and blingy.

The main similarities and differences that you need to bear in mind about the two are the fact that they’re both charm bracelets, both of them uses silver, gold, enamel or Murano glass for their beads; this ultimately makes the bracelets and beads interchangeable which is great if you prefer the Pandora bracelets but the Chamilia beads, or vice versa.

The Pandora company is much older than Chamilia both in the founding years and their time on the market. Chamilia is intended mainly for teenagers and young adults which is why they have charm ranges like the Disney one, as they are a cheaper way to give a young girl the glamour and choice of a charm bracelet.
The great thing about both is that they make brilliant gifts for any occasion, for anyone.

Author bio: Ellie Gould – a collector of Pandora charms – shares here expert knowledge on charm bracelets on behalf of

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2011-08-08 07:22:36 by TheHRick

We've been dating for two years and I'm stuck between a couple of things and I need an opinion before I buy something.
She's not much of a jewelry person, but she loved the pieces that I've purchased for her.
Thankfully, she's particularly fond of silver as her metal of choice.
Anyway, I'm pondering charm bracelets and I've been looking at all sorts of price ranges, she's owned one before, but it had disappeared years ago.
a couple from Tiffany's. Nice. Simple, not gaudy.
Pandora: A bit nicer, but I don't know if its too "wild" for her

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