Italian Charms Bracelets with a Skateboard

The charm bracelet dates back to ancient times. A charm bracelet is an item of jewellery that is worn around the wrist. Charm bracelets are made up of different charms, trinkets, and pendants that typically hold special meaning to the owner of the bracelet. Vintage jewellery is jewellery that is at least 25 years old, and usually pre-owned. Because charm bracelets are still popular today, vintage charm bracelets have become a popular item amongst vintage jewellery collectors.

Some historians believe that vintage charm bracelets were once used to ward off evil spirits and demons. Each charm had its own special purpose in this quest. Today, however, vintage charm bracelets are worn simply for fashion reasons. Vintage charm bracelets are found at vintage shops, second-hand shops, and online. A consumer should be aware of a couple of things before shopping for a vintage charm bracelet, including the difference between vintage and vintage-inspired, the types of vintage bracelet styles available, and the history of vintage charms.

Vintage vs. Vintage-Inspired

One of the most important things a buyer should be aware of is that there is a difference between jewellery that is vintage and jewellery that is vintage-inspired. Vintage charm bracelets are charm bracelets that are found "as is" and originated at least 25 years ago. On the other hand, vintage-inspired charm bracelets are charm bracelets that jewellery designers have crafted new to resemble vintage fashions, usually from a specific time period or to represent a specific style.

Consumers interested in purchasing a vintage charm bracelet should be especially cautious about this distinction. It is not uncommon for sellers to mistakenly advertise charm bracelets as vintage, when the bracelet is actually vintage-inspired. Additionally, some charm bracelets come as vintage hybrids. This means that the bracelet itself is vintage and the charms are new, or vice versa. While the purchase itself is up to the buyer, consumers should do research into the vintage charm bracelet and the seller to ensure they are buying the exact item they are looking for.

Types of Vintage Bracelet Styles

Vintage Charm Bracelet Buying Guide

We had an account

2007-07-30 10:25:37 by evlmnky

For Our older Basenji. Had photos and everything. Then while browsing eBay we noticed that someone had used one of his black and white pics to make italian charm bracelets and sell them for a profit on ebay...
We emailed the lady and stopped her, but she had tons of other charms for breeds she was selling and im sure she got those pics from dogster also...

Business Investor(S) - Gift and Jewellery Start-

2004-03-11 01:48:42 by Gift_Jewellery

Driven and successful Italian professional with an excellent track record is looking to establish a company based in San Francisco or in any other place in the US.
I know a number of Italian companies producing at low cost, marketable products in the Gift market: charms, gold and iron, leather and silver products and in the Jewellery market: all kind of bracelets, necklaces, rings.
I have a potential network of more than 2.000 manufacturers able to fulfil any kind of production.
I need an American investor, able to understand the potential of the business. We will discuss about strategies to market the products in the US and Canadian market

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