Italian Charm Bracelets Birthstone

April-Diamond BirthstoneIn ancient times only kings wore diamonds as a symbol of strength and courage. With this April-Diamond birthstone your friends are sure to swoon with envy! Over the centuries, the diamond acquired its unique status as the ultimate precious stone. The stone facets are placed in exact geometric...

Peridot is sometimes referred to as an "Emerald" although Peridot is distinctly a different shade of green. This August-Peridot Birthstone is transparent and its color varies from yellow green to brilliant light green. The stone is mounted on a shiny top-quality stainless steel and is available in...

August-Peridot BirthstoneMost people think of topaz as a transparent golden yellow stone. Nevertheless, this stone also occurs colorless as well as orange-yellow, red, dark sherry, light green, blue and pink. In our collection light blue Turquoise Birthstone is presented on a top-quality stainless steel support. Turquoise...

Feel like a king in a palace with this February-Amethyst Birthstone, as royalty has always adored the color purple.December-Turquoise Birthstone No wonder amethysts abound in the ornaments of ancient Greeks and Egyptians, and in the British Crown Jewels! Deep purple Amethyst is embedded in top-quality stainless steel support...

The perfect collectable charm on any special occasion for those who were born in January! Embedded along its shape in a nickel-free stainless steel finish, Garnet stone of dark red color is mounted on a medium size link. The stone facets are placed in exact geometric relation to each other when the...

February-Amethyst BirthstoneThis July-Ruby Birthstone may be considered as" The Lord of the Gems". This durable stone is so named because of its rich red color. The charm presents deep red Ruby stone embedded in a nickel-free stainless steel and outlined by hand with silver toned casing. Ancient lore held that the ruby was...

Alexandrite is one of the finest color change stones in nature, resembling Emerald and Ruby. Though June-Alexandrite Birthstone features synthetic Alexandrite, it looks like a real one. A top-quality stainless steel base serves as a perfect glittering backdrop for a colorful stone of light pink...

January-Garnet Birthstone June-Alexandrite Birthstone March-Topaz Birthstone May-Emerald Birthstone

Italian Charm Link Crystal Birthstone Italian Charm Bracelet Link (Choose Your Birthstone From Menu) (FEBRUARY)
Jewelry (Italian Charm Link)
  • ONE: Charm Link
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 9mm

We had an account

2007-07-30 10:25:37 by evlmnky

For Our older Basenji. Had photos and everything. Then while browsing eBay we noticed that someone had used one of his black and white pics to make italian charm bracelets and sell them for a profit on ebay...
We emailed the lady and stopped her, but she had tons of other charms for breeds she was selling and im sure she got those pics from dogster also...

Business Investor(S) - Gift and Jewellery Start-

2004-03-11 01:48:42 by Gift_Jewellery

Driven and successful Italian professional with an excellent track record is looking to establish a company based in San Francisco or in any other place in the US.
I know a number of Italian companies producing at low cost, marketable products in the Gift market: charms, gold and iron, leather and silver products and in the Jewellery market: all kind of bracelets, necklaces, rings.
I have a potential network of more than 2.000 manufacturers able to fulfil any kind of production.
I need an American investor, able to understand the potential of the business. We will discuss about strategies to market the products in the US and Canadian market

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