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A starter bracelet consists of 18 blank links. In order to create a personalized Italian charm bracelet, these blank links are replaced, one by one, with selected designs of Italian charms. Their modular design means that Italian charm bracelets are interchangeable. Individual pieces can be switched over and over again.

Because Italian charm bracelets are so personal they make perfect gifts. You can design an entire bracelet for somebody special filled with all of their favorite things. You can also start someone with a new starter bracelet and add just a few charms so they can add more of their own choosing. or for someone who already collects Italian charms you can always give them one or more charms to add to their existing bracelet.

You can begin with a starter bracelet which consists of the standard 18 blank links. Add your charms to the starter as you collect, replacing blank links to create your own look.

Italian charm bracelets are designed by each individual to suit tastes and reflect personality. A bracelet may be made up entirely of 9mm standard Italian charms. For variety you can also make a bracelet using different shapes and sizes or charms - mixing the 9mm standard size with midlink size, the uno-mega size and/or the superlink. You can hook two 9mm standard bracelets together using 1-4 Mega charms thereby producing a double bracelet. All of the different sizes and shapes fit all standard 9mm bracelets.

1) Start out by squeezing the Italian Charm between the flat part of your thumb and the flat part of your index finger . Squeeze tightly.

2) Push your thumb forward, while still squeezing. You will notice as you push forward that part of the Italian Charm slides with your thumb and part of the Italian Charm stays with your index finger. This is opening the Italian Charm up. Now, since it is spring-loaded, don't let up on the pressure or it will snap back into place. If you look at the part under your thumb, you will notice you have pushed out a flat hook.

3) Holding another Italian Charm in your other hand, you can connect the "hook" to the "bar" on the back of the other Italian Charm. You don't have to open the other Italian Charm up, you can just hook right onto it. If you push on the Italian Charm to open it and nothing happens, turn it around and push the other way - they only open one way.

Final part

2008-05-27 13:07:40 by david46208

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I am an unapologetic Christian, but you won't see a cross dangling from my neck or a James Avery charm bracelet on my wrist

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