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Great chains, allow women

Jewelry is to women what rice is to mice. Once seeing wonderful jewelries, women always can't help buying them. Because of the fact that people under Virgo are often gentle, quite and pragmatic. By the reason that if the jewels are properly matched with clothes, then they will become the finishing point in the whole dressing and will display unique personalities. However, to match jewelry is a complex art that many people have no idea about how to properly wear and properly maintain jewelry. Hopefully, the tips presented herein on matching jewelries will be of assistance. It is essential that the jewels you chose are go well with your skin color, age, dresses, occasions, etc. The basic criteria is to choose the jewelry whose shape is neither resemble your face shape nor totally opposite your face shape. A round face is shaped similar to a circle in that it is equally round with soft curves. A long silver links of london bracelet or dangle earrings are helpful ways to elongate a round face. Any links of london sweetie bracelet that you choose featuring length will compliment a round face in that it gives your face an elongated appearance. The traditional bun matched with drop earrings will give others an impression of elegance. The extremely fashionable jewels should be avoided. Jeans, jackets, and gold charm bracelets jewelries with rough design will let you have a special wild taste. Authentic jewels combining elegance, nobility, and female charm together are most suitable for dinner parties. Compared with charm bracelet in bright color, the ones in light color, such as silver, are more suitable for these people with dark skin. Nothing will be more suitable than these brilliant jewels for these plump ladies who will be looked noble by wearing brilliant links of london sweetie bracelets. Girls wearing refined dresses should match small and elegant gold charm bracelets which could exactly display their purity and innocence.

Our 25th: Love my Man! # 5

2009-02-27 14:41:55 by the-Black-Widow

I dressed up for dinner. Corset held my breasts up nice & firm under a tight black sweater, unbuttoned a bit too far so nice, tight & deep cleavage. Wore necklaces to draw eye to my canyon, my big diamond ring that flashed so it was known I was my Man's, bracelets with black widow charms hanging from them to make noise to turn heads, nice tight jeans, and heeled black shoes that make you wonder if it's a boot. Heels high enough my thighs work my ass in a nice rhythmic strut. My cologne? Odd to some, but AXE for men! Why? I love to smell it and it makes me hot, men luv to wear it, I make my man hot, my Man luvs to 'wear' me

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