Thomas Sabo Charm Carrier Bracelets

Thomas Sabo Charms for BraceletsThomas Sabo bracelets form part of the brands range of sterling silver jewellery. Thomas Sabo has become famous for their diverse and stylish collections of jewellery. They release two major collections of jewellery per year to coincide with the latest trends seen in the fashion capitols of the world.

Thomas Sabo produce bracelets for both men and women. They are available in many different styles incorporating many different materials including silver, pearls, crystals, leather, silk and textiles.Thomas Sabo Bracelet Charm Carriers They can be themed, forming part of one of the Thomas Sabo jewellery collections, this means you can co-ordinate them with other items from the same collection. Below follows a guide showing different variations of Thomas Sabo bracelet.

Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet

Thomas Sabo charm bracelets are one of the hottest fashion accessories at the moment. There is an endless range of charms available to suit all tastes and occasions.Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet Thomas Sabo charms are made from 925 sterling silvers and incorporate various other decorative and precious materials in their design including gems, pearls, crystals and decorative enamel work.

There are currently over five hundred different designs of charms that can be used on Thomas Sabo charm bracelets. The designs include lucky charms, birthstones, letters and symbolic charms which represent births, marriage, love and life!

Thomas Sabo Charm Carrier Bracelets

To wear charms you are going to require a Thomas Sabo Charm carrier bracelet. The charms fasten to the bracelet using what is called a lobster clasp. This is a type of spring loaded catch, which can be easily opened and closed by moving a small lever.Thomas Sabo Charms Carrier Bracelets The lobster clasp attaches to a charm carrier. A carrier is normally some variation of silver loop or link which is integrated in to the Thomas Sabo bracelet. The carriers can either come included with the bracelet or they can be bought as an additional extra. Below is a selection of Thomas Sabo Charm carriers.

Below are example of three Thomas Sabo bracelets with integrated charm carriers. The bracelets include a silver ‘loop’ for attaching the charms by their lobster clasps.

The first bracelet is a Thomas Sabo black obsidian bracelet with silver skulls. It is part of the Rebel at heart collection. It could be worn by men or women.Thomas Sabo Bracelets Thumb There are many matching charms and Thomas Sabo rings from the rebel at heart collection that would compliment this bracelet perfectly.

The second bracelet is a cotton-rubber pink bracelet that is adjustable and includes a silver charm carrier. The last example is a Thomas Sabo Charm Club bracelet which has an adjustable strap. This type of bracelet is also known as a Buddha style bracelet, it includes cultivated freshwater pearls and an integrated charm carrier that looks great with even a single charm.

Above are three very different bracelets, the first is a Thomas Sabo ankle bracelet that is made from sterling silver. The next is a woven brown leather bracelet that has a branded carrier included in the silver end-cap. Thomas Sabo leather bracelets are available in four different sizes and are fastened with a lobster clasp. The last is a black obsidian bracelet with sterling silver fastener rather than elasticated strap.

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