Polymer clay Charms Bracelets

Personalized clay DIY braceletsI love working with polymer clay to create my own charms, tags, and designs. It’s easy to use, versatile and inexpensive, making it a perfect medium even for beginners. Today, I’m going to show you how to create unique DIY bracelet blanks for your own one-of-a-kind look.

The most common thing I do with polymer clay is to make basic blanks and use stamps to personalize them. I use the term “stamp” loosely though – while I do enjoy using stamps, there are SO many household items you can use to create beautiful designs. I’m going to show you a couple of examples, but I encourage you to use your imagination on the technique below – the possibilities are endless!

Supplies needed to make your own personalized DIY bracelets:

  • . I want to note that at some sites, you will see tutorials showing kitchen tools (like cookie cutters, rolling pins, etc) being used for clay projects. While they certainly work well (I actually love for my clay projects) please note that polymer clay is NOT food safe and if you use your kitchen implements for a clay project, you should NOT use it for food again, even if you wash it. It’s worth the investment for a few small tools that are for clay use only to keep your family safe.
  • for name bracelets, or other interesting household items. Items like coffee beans, burlap, leaves and buttons all make for interesting and beautiful designs!
  • and (optional)

You will probably want to lay out some wax paper to protect your work surface. New clay will need to be conditioned to work with it. You can speed the process up by running it through a a few times, or you can also work it by hand, it just takes a little longer.Personalized DIY Bracelets With Polmer Clay at Crafts Unleashed Just flatten it out, fold or roll it back up, and flatten it out again several times; it just needs to be kneaded until it’s soft enough to work with.

Once it’s ready to work with, just roll or flatten it out to approximately ¼ inch thick. Experiment with your stamps; you may find it’s easier to stamp first and then cut your blank, or create your blank first and then decorate it. I do both. When I use the alphabet stamps, I usually stamp it first and then cut it to make sure it’s exactly centered.

For all-over shapes like the coffee beans, there’s less need for precision. And don’t forget, if you don’t like how it turns out, you can just roll it up and flatten it back out again for a clean start!

Personalized clay DIY bracelets - Crafts Unleashed Personalized DIY Bracelets With Polmer Clay at Crafts Unleashed Personalized DIY Bracelets With Polmer Clay at Crafts Unleashed Personalized DIY Bracelets With Polmer Clay at Crafts Unleashed

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In my family ... for generations....

2010-05-01 08:57:54 by oxymoronanyone

Generations of my family have had the new daddies give very nice jewelry as gifts to their wifes when the new babies are born. In fact, my mom has a collection of very nice opal rings, necklaces and earrings from five or 6 generations back that were given at the birth of a baby. Along with each piece of jewelry, someone in the family has labeled each piece to show the name of the child who was born when each piece was given.
The opal is said to be many things including the most powerful of healing stones, the stone of hope, the stone of great achievement and even the "stone of the Gods"

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