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THM_CharmIt_2My daughter has never been much of a girly girl. Maybe it’s because she has an older brother that she can play for hours with her beloved Super Hero dolls, race her Hot Wheels cars and battle it out with imaginary fire-breathing dragons with her sword and shield. Nothing makes her happier than playing in the dirt, climbing a rock wall or kicking around a soccer ball in our backyard. The best is the reaction I get when I pull a dress out of the closet for her to wear, she protests as if I were strapping her into a straight jacket!

However, my daughter is a walking contradiction.

A peek into her pink bedroom reveals a love of all things Disney princess.THM_CharmIt_1 She has a purple princess bed and her walls are decorated with images of her beloved Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, Snow White, Belle and Rapunzel, otherwise known in our house as the tiara mafia! Aside from her princess preference, my little gal also seems to have acquired her mom’s love of girly charm bracelets!

She got to combine both of her girly loves recently with this beautiful Disney Princess bracelet that was sent to her by CHARM IT!, the original, detachable 3-dimensional charm jewelry brand for girls.

CHARM IT! features a fun and colorful range of both bracelets and necklaces which you customize with your choice from hundreds of whimsical (yet durable) charms made from enamel, acrylic, resin and metal There are charms here for every type of girl – with ones featuring food, sports, dance, animals, fashion and even popular characters such as Hello Kitty and the aforementioned Disney Princesses!

THM_CharmIt_3The site also offers a number of themed gift sets which makes choosing a bracelet or necklace set quick, easy and affordable for birthdays, kindergarten graduation, First Communion or any other special occasion.

My daughter loves to wear her Disney Princess bracelet and jingle it around. Now to be honest, this isn’t her first CHARM IT! bracelet – she also has ones that feature Hello Kitty (from her aunt) and baby animals (from me!). After we went to the circus earlier this spring, my daughter asked me if she could get some circus animal charms – you know lions, tigers, horses, elephants, but after checking their website we discovered that they don’t’ feature types of charms….yet!

She’s going to enter her own circus animal design to CHARM IT’s Crayola Creativity Design-A-Charm Contest. Between now and May 21 young artists up the age of 14 are invited to submit an original charm drawing. Twelve winning artists will each have their design turned into an actual charm, receive a $100 gift certificate to use on as well as have a donation made in their name by Crayola to the amazing organization, ArtStart. How cool is that?!

For more information on the contest, you can connect with CHARM IT! on Facebook, on Twitter @CHARM_IT, on Pinterest, onInstagram and on the web.

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In my family ... for generations....

2010-05-01 08:57:54 by oxymoronanyone

Generations of my family have had the new daddies give very nice jewelry as gifts to their wifes when the new babies are born. In fact, my mom has a collection of very nice opal rings, necklaces and earrings from five or 6 generations back that were given at the birth of a baby. Along with each piece of jewelry, someone in the family has labeled each piece to show the name of the child who was born when each piece was given.
The opal is said to be many things including the most powerful of healing stones, the stone of hope, the stone of great achievement and even the "stone of the Gods"

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