Lovely Charm Bracelet quest

This is what it looks like:Hay guiz, I've been lurking the internetz trying to find somewhat decent guide on charm bracelets, I didn't find anything useful. When I say useful I'm talking about EASY WAYS, not something like: "go to deepholm and kill bats they drop charms".

Anyway, I decided to check my old wotlk farming places and see what happens.


Mob hp: 3, 000 - 4, 000 (Aggressive)
Charm drop rate: 50%
Mob Spawn Rate: Instant (40yards around you)

P.S. All mobs drop 5 - 40 silver

Make sure to bring lots of food/water, unless you can maintain your hp/mana ratio.
If you position yourself right in the middle of this patch you can 1 shot newly spawned mobs, I spend 30 minutes standing in 1 place and facerolling my "1" key

Have you tried the flea market?

2009-10-13 17:57:28 by Cavvy

Some of the ones in my area have those charm vendors who sell all sorts of charms and bracelets for them to go on. Or you could check your local crafts store, for example: AC Moore, Michael's, Joann's, Hobby Lobby. Also some of the big box retailers are starting to carry charms since it's the holidays. The one I work for is carrying all sorts of charms for kids such as ballet shoes, tennis, soccer ball, etc. They are 10-14K gold charms, but I would imaging that there would be silver ones too.

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