Convertible Bracelet Charms

Step 1: Making the Necklace:

Use the super-flush cutters to cut a 30"-length of each of the three styles of chain. Using the chain-nose pliers, open a jump ring and hook the ends of each chain onto the ring.

Step 2: Add one end of the clasp to the open jump ring. Using chain-nose pliers, close the jump ring so the chains and clasp stay securely attached.

Step 3: Add 1-3 accent beads to the first 3 to 4 inches of the silver-tone and brass chains.

Step 4: Attach a copper-plated jump ring between two of the chains. Leave a little bit of slack in one chain so it hangs a bit lower. Close the jump ring with the chain-nose pliers.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3–5, alternating which are attached together. Add as many or as few accent beads on the chain to suit your design. Gather the ends of each chain and hook the last link of each chain onto an open jump ring. Add the other side of the clasp to the jump ring and close securely with the chain-nose pliers.

Step 6: Making the Bracelet:

Use the super-flush cutter to cut a three 6"-length of each of the three styles of chain (nine total). Open a jump ring and add the last link of each chain to the ring. Close the jump ring securely using chain-nose pliers.

Step 7: Open another jump ring and add one end of the clasp. Connect the jump rings.

Step 8: Add brass beads onto the brass chains and gunmetal finish coiled beads onto the silver-tone chain. The beads can be added randomly as seen here or in a pattern.Step 9: Open a jump ring and attach the unfinished end of each chain to the ring. Close the jump ring. Connect the other end of the clasp to an open jump ring. Add the jump ring to the end of the bracelet and securely close using the chain-nose pliers. Step 10: Adding the charms:

Now that the basic necklace and bracelet are complete, the real fun begins! It will save time if you assemble all the charms at once before attaching them.
Add an assortment of beads to a head pin. You can mix it up and add multiple beads to the pin to give it more texture.

Step 11: Using the chain-nose pliers, make a bend in the head pin just above the bead.

Step 12: Using round-nose pliers, make a loop in the head pin.

Step 13: When all eyes have been formed on the charms, use the super-flush cutter to clip off the excess wire.

Step 14: Randomly add the charms to the chains on both the necklace and bracelet. Use chain-nose pliers to securely close the loop around the links in the chains.

Sterling Enamel Red Vintage Convertible Sports Car Charm for European Bead Bracelet
Jewelry ()
  • Enamel on .925 Sterling Silver Charm
  • Hand decorated
  • Measures approximately 11 mm x 19 mm
  • Compatible with all major brand cable bracelets

Have you tried the flea market?

2009-10-13 17:57:28 by Cavvy

Some of the ones in my area have those charm vendors who sell all sorts of charms and bracelets for them to go on. Or you could check your local crafts store, for example: AC Moore, Michael's, Joann's, Hobby Lobby. Also some of the big box retailers are starting to carry charms since it's the holidays. The one I work for is carrying all sorts of charms for kids such as ballet shoes, tennis, soccer ball, etc. They are 10-14K gold charms, but I would imaging that there would be silver ones too.

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  • Includes 3 charms: silver pink camera, baby carriage and convertible car
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New Charms Convertible Italian Charm Bracelet Jewelry Link
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