Charm Bracelets for girlfriend

Ever since my boyfriend gave me a Pandora charm bracelet for Valentine's Day, I've been obsessed with it. I seriously stare at it all day and think about what charms I want to buy next. A few of my girlfriends own Pandora charm bracelets and I've wanted one for a long time. I never got around to buying myself one though, so I was super excited when my boyfriend gave me one!

My Pandora charm bracelet starter kit

I only had 3 charms to start with, and I really wanted to buy some glass charms to add color to my bracelet. For the longest time, I couldn't decide on what color theme I wanted. Pink? Purple? Black and white?? In the end, I chose to go with a silver and white theme because that way it would match all of my outfits. I bought two clear glass charms for $55 CAD each.

I love pairing my Pandora bracelet with my watch

Excuse my hideous nails... nurses aren't allowed to wear nail polish :(

Two years ago, I had actually bought a Pandora charm bracelet for my younger sister for her birthday. I gave her a silver bracelet with the birthday cake charm. ! Then this year for her birthday, I bought her the birthstone charm. I convinced my sister to go to Pandora with me to buy more charms and so she ended up going with a purple theme. Once again, I've convinced my sister to spend $$$ with me lol!

My sister's Pandora charm bracelet.

Rather than buying all of my charms at once, I decided that I would take my time and buy my charms occasionally. That way, my bracelet and charms would have more meaning to me. However, that hasn't stopped me from googling Pandora bracelets on the internet like a mad woman. I've saved so many different bracelets on my computer for inspiration, that I may seem a little coo-coo.

Tiffany toggle bracelet

2003-11-19 15:06:17 by whenavailable

Hi-I like Tiffany & Co's silver charm bracelets but I was looking for the ones with the toggle closure. I see a lot for sale on ebay and stuff but would rather buy it in the store so I know it's authentic. Were these recently sold in Tiffany's? Now all I see are ones with a basic clasp. Any other ideas? Thanks!

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