Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar

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This is all about you! Your choice of color, your choice of word! Here's how it works: You get a hand hammered sterling silver bangle with two charms. One is a sterling silver, resin filled charm - you pick the color/herb combo! The other is a sterling silver disc that you pick the text for - pick a name, a word, a date, initials, whatever. Just let me know your picks in the buyer notes.

This listing is for ONE bangle charm bracelet.

Here are your color/herb choices:

aqua - basil (love and wealth)
brown - sage (home blessings)
burnt orange - cardamom (intelligence and eloquence)
dark blue - chamomile (money, sleep, and purification)
fuchsia - skullcap (love and fidelity)
gold - dill (money, luck, and lust)
green - nutmeg (health and change)
lavender - lavender (peace and purification)
lime green - allspice (money and luck)
maroon - cinnamon (success and healing)
mustard yellow - peppermint (money and intuition)
olive green - fenugreek seed (wisdom)
orange - rosemary (protecting and purifying)
pale pink - poppy seeds (fertility and dreams)
pale yellow - coriander (protection and peace peach - anise (psychic ability and strength)
purple - spearmint (peace and happiness)
red - cloves (love and protection)
robin's egg blue - ginger (passion, power, and success)
royal blue - marjoram (spiritual bliss and strength)
teal - juniper berry (health and beauty)
white - thyme (cleansing and clearing)
yellow - cumin (prosperity and good luck)

have fun!

All of my items are made when ordered. So essentially each piece is custom made for you. So feel free to request another color or another word.

The resin and herb charms measure 10mm and the silver discs measure 9/16in.

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