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Chamilia Bracelets vs Pandora Bracelets

The best gift we could give our loved ones is something that commemorates certain happenings in their lives. We can give them a charm bracelet. A charm bracelet is something a person wears around the wrist. These types of bracelets have trinkets and pendants that are somehow embedded as symbols for a person’s grand and kept personalities. Two of the most popular charm bracelet brands are Chamilia and Pandora. Knowing their differences is not easy due to their numerous similarities but having the knowledge as to what aspect they differ could be a truly usable tool when considering purchasing one.

Chamilia Bracelets

Chamilia bracelets are neophyte when compared to Pandora. They just came in the market in the year 2002 but they are making the name of originality, uniqueness and trend nowadays. Just like Pandora and any other well-known charm bracelet brand, Chamilia bracelets are hand-crafted making all their bracelets’ details truly astounding. They are also playful and relatively risky in many ways. One instance could be when they created Disney lines of bracelets embedding Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Nemo and, of course, Micky and Mini Mouse. Their statement for this truly creative line of charm bracelets is that they are intending them for kids who, at the very young age, are exploring their creativeness with accessories. In addition, Chamilia bracelets are more affordable than Pandora.

Pandora Bracelets

To celebrate womanhood’s wonder, Pandora bracelets are on in the market for the distribution of their wonderfully crafted charm bracelets. Like Chamilia, charms that are embedded with Pandora bracelets are made from Sterling silver, gold, enamel and Murano glass. Pandora bracelets are known for their clasp. These clasps are of two different types, the lobster and the snap clasp. Lobster clasp is the more traditional one while the snap that is just like a bead, is the most preferred by consumers. These clasps are either made from Sterling silver or 14karat gold.

Different between Chamilia and Pandora Bracelets

The type is never that important when it comes from someone of great importance to you. Chamilia charm bracelets are new and trendy; Pandora bracelets are traditional and classy. Chamilia bracelets have wallet-friendly prices; Pandora bracelets are considerably pricey. Whatever you receive as a gift or have bought for someone, it’s always the thought that counts.

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